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Okamoto Hajime Chopsticks Set Gochisousama

SKU 1080865
Born in 1942 in Osaka, the famous Japanese artist Hajime Okamoto traveled to China’s Jilin Province on a youth cultural exchange, and created modern Chinese-influenced art with a unique Japanese taste. He focuses on calligraphy and painting.

In 1998, he created the famous ‘Kabamaru’ series, a group of hand drawn cats caught in a variety of amusing and mischievous poses, with equally interesting and fitting captions. Each cat has its own personality! The leader Kabamaru likes to chill and amble around slowly. Momoji is silly, and loves to play. Urume is a charming and relaxed rogue. Sakon loves to play with fast moving objects!

Product Description

The Okamoto Hajime Chopsticks Set Gochisousama is a great match for your new Okamoto Hajime Bowls! The cat on the left, waiting impatiently to eat his fish, says itadakimasu, a Japanese phrase said before eating to give thanks to the farmers and other laborers for creating the food! The cat on the right is licking his chops, a cleanly picked fishbone next to him! He says gochisousama, the phrase said upon finishing the meal: ‘thanks for the delicious food!’. The gentle mustard yellow background color provides a relaxing backdrop to the cat. With the actual chopsticks made out of wood, they are balanced and delicate in your hand, ideal for lunchtime!

Product Details

Dimensions: 2.7 x 19 x 1.6cm
Length of Chopsticks: 18cm
Materials: H-OPP, A, chopsticks (natural wood)
NOT Dishwasher and Microwave Safe! Gentle hand wash only!
Made in Japan