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My Hashi Kabamaru

  • My Hashi Kabamaru
  • My Hashi Kabamaru
  • My Hashi Kabamaru
  • My Hashi Kabamaru
  • My Hashi Kabamaru
  • My Hashi Kabamaru
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My Hashi Kabamaru, are the Kabamaru's range matching chopsticks. Two designs are available. 


My Hashi Kabamaru, are 18cm long wooden chopsticks. They come in a pretty case made of plastic. This means that you won't need to wash them right after having lunch anymore ! The box dimensions are  27 × 190 × 16 mm (1" x 7,4" x 0,6")

Two designs are available, please choose your favorite in the pulldown menu : 

  • Gochisosama (ごちそうさま), which means "It's been a feast". Said after every meal, like the cat licking its whiskers !
  • Okagesama (おかげさま), with the Kabamaru cat on it. It's written"毎日がおかげさま" which means "Being grateful everyday".

I'm sure you love these little positive messages ! 

The design is from Okamoto Hajime, a Japanese artist. Check out the other boxes and accessories of this range in our "cat" collection.


These chopsticks are not microvave or dishwasher safe. 

Made in Japan, in Ishikawa

"My Hashi" means "my chopsticks".

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