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Motenashi Wan Mokume Shikkaku

japanese bowl
  • Motenashi Wan Mokume Shikkaku
  • Motenashi Wan Mokume Shikkaku
  • Motenashi Wan Mokume Shikkaku
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Craving for a miso or other Japanese soups to complete your daily bento lunch ? Here is one great lacquered item to consider!


Motenashi Wan Mokume Shikkaku is made of food-grade plastics but has that typical, refined hand-crafted feeling. No wonder why: it is a product made by Hakoya, which was renewed in Japanese lacquered wood bowl crafting before starting to design new, modern bento boxes and items.

The colored patterns on this authentic lacquerware are added one after the another by a dedicated and experienced artist, based in Ishikawa (Japan). Japan lovers should check our collection of Japanese bowls (for ramen, donburi, miso and more), available right here!

Despite its square shape the Shikkaku wan is very close to the round Mokume Maru: Choosing one over the other is therefore mainly a matter of design taste (or perhaps you can even get both! ^^).


Diameter: 12 cm (4.7")
Height: 7 cm (2.8")
Capacity: 500 ml
Materials: Polyester body lacquered with food-grade urethane (100% BPA-Free).

Micro-wave and dish-washer safe.

Made in Japan.

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