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Morning Pan

pan for induction, 3 in 1 induction pan
  • Morning Pan
  • Morning Pan
  • Morning Pan
  • Morning Pan
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Morning Pan is quite an appropriate name for this practical pan which allows you to cook several things at once (like eggs, vegetables, etc) - but you can surely use it at anytime! ^^  Suitable for almost every kind of hobs, including induction hobs.


The pan is divided into 3 parts, and thus perfect for busy mornings and small kitchen. This pan is designed and great for cooking a diversified bento without mixed ingredients.
Meat, vegetables or an omelet, just use one pan for an entire lunch !

Details & Cautions

20cm (7,9") in diameter.
Made of aluminium. Non-stick pan.
Suitable for almost every kind of hobs : gas, electric, vitroceramic and also for induction hobs.
Dishwasher safe.

Made in South Korea.

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