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Usagi Koban Bento Box | Black

SKU 1099386

Miyamoto Japanese style bentos evoke stroke connections to the past through nostalgic images that have stood the test of time. Enjoy various takes on classic imagery featuring the usagi (rabbit), fukuro (owl), sakura (cherry blossom), and higanbana flower.

Product Description

Koban shape bento boxes are designed and named after koban (小判), an ancient oval gold coin used in the Edo Period in Japan. These rare coins are now being sold for over $5,000 USD a piece!

The Usagi Koban Bento Box is available in two stunning colors: midnight black and burgundy red. It features two adorable rabbits playing underneath a full moon, with cherry blossoms falling around them. The two tiers have a combined total capacity of 600 mL- ideal for an average adult lunch. The bento also includes a matching elastic bento band to keep your bento box securely closed.

Product Details


Dimensions: 100 x 138 x 72 mm
Capacity: 600 ml total (top: 250 ml / bottom: 350 ml)
Materials: Box- Polypropylene / Inner lid- Polyethylene. All BPA-free.
Made in Japan


Product Care

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe with both lids removed.