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Miso Soup Variety Pack


Enjoy delicious, authentic miso soup in a matter of minutes with our 10-pack Miso Soup Variety Pack!

What we love about it:

  • Comes in 5 different delicious flavors. (2 packs each, 10 packs total)
    • Tofu (blue): delicate tofu taste.
    • Akadashi Mitsuba (red): Red miso broth and Japanese wild parsley (similar to celery taste).
    • Nasu (purple): Fried eggplant.
    • Hourenso (green): Spinach.
    • Akadashi Nameko (orange): Red miso broth and Japanese slippery mushroom.
  • Flavors are rich and taste home-made!
  • So easy! Simply place freeze dried miso soup mix in a bowl and add 160 ml of boiling water. Stir well and your soup is ready to eat!

    Details & Ingredients:

    • Each packet contains one serving.
    • Ingredients Please read the ingredients list to avoid issues with allergies:
    • Tofu
      Tofu, rice with miso, miso, green onions, flavored seasoning (bonito), wakame, dextrin, salt, dried bonito powder, kelp powder, seasoning (amino acids), antioxidants (vitamin E), acidulant, (ingredients contain soy, dried bonito, fish)
    • Akadashi Mitsuba
      Mix miso (made from soybean not genetically modified), mitsuba, flavored seasoning (bonito) and soy sauce, dextrin, gelatin, seasoning (amino acids), caramel, antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C), acidulant, (ingredients contain wheat, mackerel, soy, gelatin)
    • Spinach
      Rice miso, spinach, mixed miso, green onion, fried tofu, seasonings, bonito flavor, mirin, dried seaweed, starch, yeast extract powder / seasoning (amino acides) coagulant, antioxidant (vitamin E), acidulant. (Ingredients contain mackerel, soy, fish).
    • Nasu
      Fried eggplant, rice with miso, miso, green onions, flavored seasoning (bonito), dextrin, Mirin, seaweed, onion extract powder, yeast extract powder, seaweed extract powder, seasoning (amino acids), antioxidants (vitamin E), acidulant (ingredients contain seaweed, soy, chicken, fish) 
    • Akadashi Nameko
      Nameko mushroom, mixed miso, green onion, bonito flavor seasoning, soy sauce, dextrin / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), acidulant (ingredients contain wheat, dairy, mackerel, soy)