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Mischievous Onigiri Case | Red

SKU T-56462
Onigiri Boxes are small in size but with multiple uses. Enjoy these triangle-shaped boxes, meant to carry your onigiri (rice balls) or any kind of snack, for whenever you feel hungry!

Product Description

The Mischievous Onigiri Case | Red provides a unique way to store your rice balls, or small snacks! On top of the lid is a grinning face that winks at you; super cute! The bottom part of the onigiri case is a red and white polka dot pattern.

It is designed to hold one onigiri, but of course you don't need to put onigiri in it - any snack you want will fit neatly in this bento, be it cheese, fruit or anything else. Use this bento for in between meals, snacks, or as a compliment to your other bento to extend your meal.

Product Details

Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.3cm
Capacity: 260ml
Materials: PP, A Resin
NOT Microwave Safe! Dishwasher Safe!
Made in Japan