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Miniatuart | Spirited Away: The Strange City 4

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The beautiful paper craft Miniatuart allows you to recreate the wonderful world of your favorite Ghibli's movies! 


Miniatuart | Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away The strange city 4 is a paper craft to assemble which represents a part of the set of the abandoned theme park where Chihiro's parents transform into pigs. Looks so hungry!

The box comes with stiff paper boards and pre-drew forms that you should sever with a cutter, then assemble and stick them! The result is incredible if you are patient! (^_^)/

NOT INCLUDED: to made this beautiful paper craft scene, you'll need 4 tools (see picture): a cutting board, Hobby cutter, glue and tweezers.


Dimensions of assembled paper craft : 63 x 63 x 55 mm and 33 x 66 x 71 mm


Difficulty level : hard
Material: paper


Adapted from 12 years aged user. 
Made in Kyoto, Japan.