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Marumaru Ice maker

Marumaru Ice maker
  • Marumaru Ice maker
  • Marumaru Ice maker
  • Marumaru Ice maker
  • Marumaru Ice maker
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Classy Whisky Balls, Round Ice creams and funny cocktails creations: these are only an handful of things you can do with our new Japanese accessory Marumaru Ice Maker. This ice spheres tray is so cool!

From Japan, Obviously

The Ice balls created thanks to our new mold Marumaru ('round' in Japanese) are almost certain to grab attention in your parties: this is definitively not your usual ice cube tray! It's very simple to use and yet allows from endless frozen possibilities!

Here is how to use it

To make your own spherical globes of ice, just follow these few steps:

First fill the lower tray with water to the rim, then put together the upper part on top of it while being careful that the water remains inside. Have you noticed the small holes on it? These will help you to add water afterwards to 'complete' the ice balls. Now you can put the whole set in your freezer, wait for 8 hours and come back with your favorite liquor: your Marumaru Ice Balls are ready!

Useful tip: To remove the frozen balls from the tray, just drop some lukewarm water and use the clips on both side to open the accessory out.


Sphere Size: About 5 cm
Mold Size: 15.2 x 12.5 x 5.8 cm (6"x4.9"x5.3")
Capacity: four ice spheres of 50 ml   
Material: Polyester 
Poids: 110g

Not Microwave-safe, Hand-washing is recommended.
Made in Japan. 

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