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Maneki-Neko Doll White

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Maneki-Neko Doll Bento is an ultra-cute bento for cat lovers! The unique design mimics the body of a cat, resulting in an attractive little lunch box. Did you know that Maneki-Neko is a lucky charm in Japan? With this bento you may just get both a lunch and a little good fortune!

Product Description

Maneki-Neko Dolls Bento is a two tier bento box. Each stacking compartment has its own inner lid to keep the contents secure. 

The box comes with an ice pack to keep your food fresh and cool through out the day, as well as an elastic bento band to hold the box closed. The shape makes for an easy-to-transport box that fits great in the hand for meals on the go.

The size of this box is great for kids, but it is also good for adults who know how to pack a bento well.

Please Note: We recommend transporting your salad dressings and sauce separately in a separate bottle to avoid leaks.

Available in two colors: black and white.

Product Details

  • Measurements: 16 cm long (6,3"), 8 cm high (3,1") and 8cm wide (3,1")
  • Weight : 340 g
  • Capacity: Each layer holds 270ml, total 540ml
  • Care:¬†The two containers are microwave-safe and dish-washer with the inner and outer lids and ice pack removed. The manufacturer recommends using it only for heating up food, not for prolonged cooking. (Maximum 2 minutes in a 700 watt oven).
  • Comes with elastic band and ice pack.¬†¬†

Made in Japan, in Ishikawa.