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Makie Soup Wafu

Not Microwave-safe
Stainless steel
Makie Soup Wafu
  • Makie Soup Wafu
  • Makie Soup Wafu
  • Makie Soup Wafu
  • Makie Soup Wafu
  • Makie Soup Wafu
  • Makie Soup Wafu
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Beautiful and practical, Makie Soup Wafu are thermos food jars with an aesthetic that is usually reserved for beautiful Japanese lacquer boxes, yet they are leak-proof and can keep your food and soup hot (or cold) for up to six hours.


Makie Soup Wafu are stainless steel food pots and have screw-on lid that makes them leak-proof - thus usable as soup cups.They can keep your food over 80º for an hour and 50° for up to six hours.  

They are the perfect container to hold soup (or other beverages) or side dishes like pastas warm thanks to their great heat-retention capacity. And there is even more with these food pots: you can actually use them to keep a dessert, yogourt or fruit salads cold too!

Comes in two types: Fuji and Usagi (兎 "Rabbit"). Both are red and black with chic patterns and nice Japanese influences. You'll love them. Discover more patterns of the same product on the Makie Soup Hana (Flowers!) page.  


Volume: 250 ml
Dimensions: 7 cm diameter, 11.5 height
Materials: Made of stainless steel. Lid is made of BPA-Free food-grade polypropylene, acrylic plastic, and silicon.

Not dishwasher-safe. Not microwave-safe.

Designed in Japan by Hakoya. Made in China.


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