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Makie Bottle + Cup

Keep Warm
Stainless steel
bottle, thermal, hakoya
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
  • Makie Bottle + Cup
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Makie Bottle newest version includes now a Cup, a very convenient feature to carry around with you hot or cold beverages :-)

Product description

Makie Bottle Cup is a stainless steel bottle that keeps your beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Exquisitely designed, this strong yet lightweight bottle comes with a cup big enough for drinks or soup.

The rabbit and sakura graphics are very cute and gives a custom-made vibration.

Available as Red Usagi Cup, Black Usagi Cup, Red Ume Cup or Black Ume Cup.


Volume : 480 ml.
Diameter : 6,5 cm / Height : 24,5cm
Materials : Acier Inoxydable (bouteille), Bouchon et verseur (Polypropylène)Care
Not intended for carbonated beverages as carbonation places product under pressure and may cause product to leak.
Do not leave milk or miso soup in it for several days. Fermentation and salt can damage your bottle.
Wash before and after every use.
Made in China, by Hakoya.

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