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Lunch Belt Musubi | 27 cm Tomato

SKU JA7022

Lost the elastic band that came with your bento box? Or maybe you want to change the style of your bento without getting a new box? Lunch Belts to the rescue! Both fashionable and practical, have fun pairing them with your favorite bento box!

Product Description

The Lunch Belt Musubi Tomato showcases delicious red tomatoes on a yellow background! The eye catching pattern will stand out no matter which bento box you pair this band with!

Made out of nylon and synthetic rubber, this bento band will stretch to fit around most of our M and L size boxes.


Did you know? Surprisingly, tomatoes feature frequently in Japanese menus- an arrangement of tomatoes and mozzarella slices drizzled with olive oil is becoming a fast favorite!

Product Details

27 x 2 cm
Nylon, Synthetic rubber


Made in Japan.