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Lunch Band Musubi | 27 cm Onigiri Black

SKU JA7007

Lost the elastic band that came with your bento box? Or maybe you want to change the style of your bento without getting a new box? Musubi Lunch Bands to the rescue!

Product Description

The Black Onigiri Lunch Band Musubi showcases ume onigiri on a black background. Ume onigiri are rice balls with a pickled plum in the center the tart yet sweet flavor is aĀ timeless favorite in Japan!

Rice ballsĀ are a beloved staple of the Japanese diet, with many being eaten as a simple breakfast, or a snack. With a variety of fillings- including salmon, seaweed, pork, and more- onigiri are perfect for any time hunger strikes!Ā 

Made out ofĀ nylon and synthetic rubber, this bento band will stretch to fit aroundĀ most of ourĀ MĀ andĀ LĀ size boxes.

Product Details

27 x 2 cm
Nylon, Synthetic rubber

Made in Japan.