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Lunch Band | 24 cm England

Lunch Band | 24 cm England

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Have you lost the elastic band that came with your bento box? Do you want to change the look of your bento without getting a new box?

Here's what you need- a new Lunch Band accessory!

Product Description

Lunch Bands are available in several models:

  • the 24 cm (9.5") long one is available in 9 colors and 4 flag versions. This type of elastic is suitable for almost every classic box you can find on Bento&co: Ojyu bento, Zen 02, Fukuro Bento, Nokorimono, Nagabako or Nami bento...
  • the Kokeshi Bento Lunch Band fits all regular sized Kokeshi Bentos and the Kokeshi Big Lunch Band fits Big Kokeshi Bentos
  • the 42 cm (19") an extra long band, available in black only, for picnic bento boxes, shokado bento boxes, etc.
  • Gel Cool series Standard Single/Double/Peco/Cooma Twins stylish lunch bands to match one of our Gel Cool Bento Boxes 

Please see the Lunch Band collection to select appropriate band.

Product Details

If you have any doubts about which band is right for your bento, please contact our customer service through the live chat function or send a message to

All lunch bands are Made in Japan.

As we ship from Kyoto, our products may be subject to taxes & customs fees in the country of delivery. View full details