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Local Ramen Sapporo Abi

homemade ramen
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
  • Local Ramen Sapporo Abi
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Make real ramen, just like ramen in Japan, with this kit made by local Japanese ramen shops. Each box has two servings. Discover this surprising flavor coming from Sapporo in the North of Japan (Hokkaido): its scrumptious stock has a genuine Miso taste (like the soup)!  


Lovers of Japan, the ramen you know and love is now available more often with this this Local Ramen kit! You can now prepare delicious ramen, as you get in Japan, at your own home! Sapporo Abi Ramen is based on a Miso flavored Stock. Did you have plenty of soy sauce ramen ? Here is the other flavor for your ramen!

Each kit contains the essentials: "nama ramen" noodles: (not dried noodles, they're fresh noodles in a bag) and the broth (the secret broth that gives ramen its full flavor). Get more local ramen tastes and ideas in this collection!

We provide a guide prepared in English and French!

Once you've made your ramen, make sure to add your favorite toppings, like hardboiled egg, sliced pork (menma), or bamboo shoots (chashu).


  • Each kit allows for 2 servings.
  • Directions in English and French are included.
  • Expiration dateCheck the following page.
  • Precautions: May contain traces of egg and shrimp. These ramen stocks contain pork.
  • Made in Japan.

Minimum Durability Date: January 7, 2017.

Note: Ramen for which the (recommended) expiration date is exceeded can still be consumed but may have a slightly weakened taste. Their prices have been consequently lowered.

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