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Ladle (Skimmer)

SKU 2179
Tigercrown Co., founded in 1959, is based in Tsubame Sanjo, Japan’s center of cutlery and steel manufacturing. They offer an impressive lineup of “Made in Japan” high quality products, suitable for both professional and home cooks.

Product Description 

A double-duty ladle that features volume measurement markings inside the ladle and a textured surface on the back that works as a skimmer. 

In Japanese cooking, removing the scum of congealed protein off the surface of soup and broths helps create that characteristic clean taste. Just by skimming the back of this ladle over the surface of the broth, the scum will stick to the ladle, making for effortless removal!
Fun grape color!

Product Details

Dimensions: 9.4 x 29.3 x 9 cm

Material: Polyetherimide (PEI) 

Dishwasher safe.
 Do not microwave.
When handwashing, use a soft sponge and not a brush or abrasive pad.
Made in Japan