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Kyoto Sara

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Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
  • Kyoto Sara
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We are proud and delighted to introduce a new piece in our collection of traditional Ceramics: The Kyoto Sara, three red plates that could turn any meal into a journey to Japan folklore.


These plates have the perfect size to accommodate Japanese dishes that you've made (or ordered (-_^)). Get a pair of chopsticks, and you're ready for an authentic meal at home. They are made of ceramic with outstanding finishing touches. 

Kyoto Sara is available in three designs, each of them being adorned with blazing design and traditional Japanese patterns:

  • Fuji Ni Sakura (富士に桜) - represent the mout Fuji surrounded with cherry blossom threes. One of the best view in Japan.
  • Hyotan (瓢箪) - Also called calebasse or gourd, this transport bottle was popular in the Past when it was often worn suspended to the obi. A traditional item that goes well with this atmosphere.
  • Nami Ni Tai (波に鯛) - The Japanese sea bream is regarded as a lucky charm, often seen during Mariage celebration or for the new year. Wondering why? Well it's a traditional pun on "Omedetai",a popular expression to celebrate someone.

Sold individually and comes with its fitting transport cloth bag.
Wait, You like blue over red? we've got something for you!


Diameter - 13 cm
Height - 2 cm

Weight: 130 g

Microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

Made in Japan, in Kyoto.

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