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Kyocera White Ceramic Knife


Have you ever heard of Kyocera? It's this awesome huge ceramics and electronics company from Kyoto *our hometown!* That is famous for innovating and bringing the absolute best new products - With this collection we bring you one of their greatest success stories - The amazing Ceramic Knife!

Product Description 

Have you ever tried using a ceramic knife before? Cutting comes with ease and it stays perfectly sharp for ages, easy to clean too. You won't believe how good these knifes are - one time and you are hooked. 

Unlike conventional knives ceramic type knifes don't get dull easily, they'll last you up to 10 times as long. They go great against anything you throw at it, traditional knifes have specific functions - ceramic don't, be it fish or bread, Kyocera White Ceramic knife will do the job perfectly.

Thanks to these great benefits there are many vendors offering ceramic knifes these days, but none are as good as the ones from Kyocera, who originally invented the technology  and still make the very best ones money can buy! 

The blade on this knife is 16 cm and comes with a sturdy handle, a great starter ceramic knife. 

Interested in seeing how these great knifes are made? Check out this video below!


Looking for a great knife sharpener? Check out the Kyocera Electric Knife Sharpener here!

Product Details

  • Amazingly sharp ceramic knife!¬†
  • Hand-washing
  • Handle heat resistant: 110 degr√©
  • Length: Blade 16 cm, with handle 29 cm
  • Material: blade / fine ceramics, handle / polypropylene, olefin-based elastomer
  • Blade made in Japan, handle and assembling in China.¬†