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Kyocera Electric Knife Sharpener


Have you ever heard of Kyocera? It's this awesome, huge ceramics and electronics company from Kyoto (our hometown)! Kyocera is famous for innovating and bringing the absolute best new products. This time we are bringing you a top quality electric knife sharpener!

Product Description 

Knives are only as good as they are sharp right? Don't you just hate it when your knives get all dull and useless. Well we have what you need - this truly amazing electric knife sharpener!

Simple and easy, this electric sharpener will get your knifes sharp again in no time. Just start it up and get sharpening - it's that easy! English instructions are also included in the box should you need them. 

The magic to using this sharpener lay in industrial diamond inside that makes even the dullest knife sharp again. 

Best of all, it will sharpen any type of knife you throw at it, fruits knifes, fish knives - even ceramic knives - all will become perfectly sharp again. 

Check out the video below to see this amazing sharpener in action!  


Product Details

  • Size: 155 × 98 × 73mm
  • Material Material: Body / ABS resin (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), polyacetal, grinding wheel / industrial diamond
  • DC 6 volts
  • Made in China
  • Power supply: four alkaline AA batteries (sold separately)