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Kotoritachi Forest Chopsticks Set | Green

Kotoritachi Forest Chopsticks Set | Green
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Don't get impressed by this complicated Japanese name: Kotoritachi are adorned with cute and charming birds/flowers. See, they are absolutely peaceful and will bring joy to your lunch! (^^) 

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Forest Chopsticks are made of natural wood and come with a beautifully adorned sliding case. The chopsticks themselves looks simple but don't get tricked: they are sturdy and light, making them perfect to enjoy your favorite Japanese dishes like sushi and more!  The simple minimalistic design will appeal to all :)



  • Dimensions: 18 cm or 7.2"" (Case is 19 cm)
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Materials: ABS Plastics (case), Natural wood (Chopsticks)
  • Do *NOT* use in micro-wave or dish-washer.
  • Made in Japan

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