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Kokeshi Chopsticks | Busho

Kokeshi Chopsticks | Busho
  • Kokeshi Chopsticks | Busho
  • Kokeshi Chopsticks | Busho
  • Kokeshi Chopsticks | Busho
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These Chopsticks are a new entry in our Kokeshi series and they retain the very essence of it - Chic, kawaii (adorable) and very Japanese in their design!

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At last, lovers of our traditional dolls-like lunch-boxes from Japan can now enjoy a great accessory for their favorite bento box, but they will also appeal to anyone looking for a practical and cute looking pair of modern chopsticks.

Kokeshi Chopsticks are made of natural wood and come with the cute little Kokeshi design. 

Available in 6 versions (click on the link to check the similar bento box). All of them are a great match for any of our kokeshi boxes though:


  • Dimensions: 23 cm length
  • Materials: Natural wood (Chopsticks)
  • Do not use in dishwasher.
  • Made in Japan, by Hakoya.

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