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Kokeshi Kyoto Bento | Geiko

Kokeshi Kyoto Bento | Geiko

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The medium-capacity Kokeshi Doll Kyoto Bento Box | Geiko box will bring a smile to your face!


Made in Ishikawa, Japan

      What We Love About It

      • An adorable Bento&co original design featuring a geiko, (traditional Japanese courtesan from Kyoto) in an elegant purple and pink kimono that will look great, whether on your desk at lunchtime, or on display in your home.
      • 2 tier design, topped with an inverted bowl that you can use to serve hot soup at mealtime
      • Includes an elastic band to hold everything together

      Details and Care

      • Total capacity: 640ml. Each closed compartment holds 200ml, and the bowl can hold up to 240ml.
      • The upper compartment has a domed, leak-resistant inner lid. However, we recommend not packing soupy/liquidy foods to prevent any spills.
      • Dimensions: 10 cm diameter x 13 cm  (height) (3.9"x 5.12")
      • Material: PET-ABS. BPA-free
      • Microwave safe with lids removed (3 min at 500W or 2 min at 1000W)
      • Made in Ishikawa, Japan
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      Adorable and clever design

      Inspired by the traditional Japanese wooden kokeshi doll, these bento boxes are an absolute delight. Topped with an inverted bowl that looks like a charming hat/headpiece for the bento box!

      Use the bowl to serve some hot soup at mealtime (just pack some freeze-dried miso soup, or other instant soup with your bento!)

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