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Koala's March

Koala's March, Koala's yummies
  • Koala's March
  • Koala's March
  • Koala's March
  • Koala's March
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Aside from their tasty flavor, you never know what to expect with Japanese sweets. They are all so surprising! Did you know that there is more than hundreds of different Koala's March patterns? Gotta catch them allヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ 


Koala's march are small crusty snacks with a delicious chocolate heart. But what makes them very funny and original is the incredible amount of different patterns they offer: more than 400 unique variations are available. If you happen to find two of the same in your box, just let us know! (^ ^)


Each of these boxes includes a dozen of snacks. Keep them fresh and crusty by putting them in a dry place.

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