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Kinokokeshi Two Tier Bento Box | Green

SKU 30045
The Kinokokeshi Two Tier Bento Boxes are new designs in the immensely popular Kokeshi Bento family. These bento boxes are made by Hakoya in Ishikawa, Japan.

Product Details

Mixing traditional and modern Japanese themes, the Kinokokeshi Two Tier Bento Box | Green represents a traditional Japanese doll face, with the bottom tier imitating cute mushrooms! This doll’s face is grinning widely - say Hi to Takeo!
The Kinokokeshi Two Tier Bento Box | Green consists of 3 parts: a two tiered box featuring an upper compartment with a domed, leak-resistant inner lid, and a lower compartment with a leak resistant lid, along with an inverted bowl disguised as a traditional Japanese doll face! Also included is an elastic bento band to hold everything together.
Product Details
Dimensions: φ12.2x11cm
Capacity: total capacity 480ml, upper tier 200ml, lower tier 280ml
Materials: PET.A, elastic (bento band)
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
Made in Japan