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Kimono Long Bento | Pink

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kimono lunch box
  • Kimono Long Bento | Pink
  • Kimono Long Bento | Pink
  • Kimono Long Bento | Pink
  • Kimono Long Bento | Pink
  • Kimono Long Bento | Pink
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The Kimono Pink Long box is a long, compact bento box with an elegant kimono-like pattern, in vibrant hues of pink and red. 

Product Description

Kimono Pink Long is a two-tier bento box with leak-resistant inner lids for each compartment. The outer lid has an overall, bold floral pattern, reminiscent of traditional kimono cloth patterns in pink and red hues with green leaves. The patterns depicted in the photos may vary, as the motifs are applied onto the box as a small pieces of actual fabric.

The flexible inner lids make the compartments very leak-resistant. A red elastic bento band is included. please take time to also check our special Kimono Long set with matching drawstring bag and chopsticks.

Product Details 

Volume: 510 ml (upper compartment: 210 ml, lower compartment: 300 ml)

188 mm × 75 mm × 70 mm (7.4" x 2.95" x 2.76") 


The box is made of polythylene terephtalate.

The outer lid made of polyester.
The transparent lid made of polyethylene. 


    The box is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe with both the transparent inner lid and patterned outer lid removed. 

    Made in Japan, in Ishikawa by Hakoya.

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