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Kimono Bag Large | Murasaki

SKU 33641

Product Description 

Our Large Kimono Murasaki Bag is an ideal size for our bigger bento boxes (except the "picnic" ones) like the Nishijin Bento or Nami Bento. 

This size also allows you to carry a smaller bento with a pair of chopsticks and a fruit or small side dish.

The sophisticated Murasaki design is focused around purple hues, the royal color that symbolizes Kyoto and the Emperor of Japan.

A smaller size is also available. Visit the Kimono Bag M page.

Product Details

Dimensions : 21 cm (8.26") long, 18 cm (7.08") high and 9,5cm (3.74") wide.  

Made in Japan, exclusively for Bento&co.