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Kimono bag L

bento bag
  • Kimono bag L
  • Kimono bag L
  • Kimono bag L
  • Kimono bag L
  • Kimono bag L
  • Kimono bag L
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Kimono bag size L is perfect for the biggest bento boxes (except the "picnic" ones) like Nishijin Bento or Nami Bento

Dimensions : 21 cm (8.26") long, 18 cm (7.08") high and 9,5cm (3.74") wide.  

This size allows you to carry a bento like the Nishijin one, a pair of chopsticks and a fruit or small side dish.

2 designs available : The Kimono Pink Bag has big bold ume (plum)-like flowers in predominantly pink and red hues and the Kimono Murasaki Bag has predominantly purple hues (the royal color that symbolizes Kyoto and the Emperor).

Bento&co exclusive product.

A smaller size is also available. Visit the Kimono Bag M page.

Made in Japan by Hakoya for Bento&co.


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