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Kihon no Obento

SKU 62242-03

Kihon no Obento (basic Obento) is a magazine-format book printed in high quality paper with wonderful pictures with real japanese bento recipes. 

Product Description 

The recipes have step-by-step pictures so you can get a lot out of it even if you don't speak japanese and in many cases, Kihon no Obento includes stunning life-sizes photos!

With a diet and healthy-balanced food approach, you'll be able to have an insights into the kind of meals that average Japanese people would prepare as their daily bento. 


  • Glossy paper, large book (30 cm -11,8"- tall, 22cm-8,6"- wide).
  • 95 pages.
  • Published in February 2004.
  • Printed in Japan. ¬†