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Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro

cute slippers
  • Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro
  • Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro
  • Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro
  • Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro
  • Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro
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We love cats, You love cats, Everybody love cats! Our popular Kawaii slippers Neko return with a new colour way! Bold, cute and black - this Japanese cat will be your new favorite walking buddy, looks cute and keep your house clean! (^^)--

If you like this Neko design, or want to see the original series of slippers, have a look at our full series of Cat themed goods here.

Product Description

4 things that make Kawaii Slippers Neko Kuro the best:

-Comfortable, these slippers are so thick that you feel like wearing moon boots. They are exceptionally soft and hold their shape remarkably well.

-Cleaning without knowing, The microfibers underneath the soles are here for you, cleaning your floor as you walk    
=ටᆼට=. Every once in a while, you can hand wash and vacuum them a bit. Minimal effort - maximal cleaning! 

-Yes, I can fly ! : you'll feel like you're sliding on clouds rather than walking !

-One size fits all (really) : 26 cm (10,5") Unfortunately there is no kids size, but the unique size is perfect for almost everybody!  

My feet are 43-44 EU / 10-10,5 US size and they fit me great, our Bento&Co Staff  Ai wears a 37 EU / 5,5 US size and nothing in the world would make her change her slippers - they fit her perfectly. They'll fit you too(^人^)

Want to be surprised? Check this special collection of Kawaii Slippers!

Product Details

Material: Polyester.
Made in China.

We recommend Hand-washing for these products.

* Kawaii means cute in Japanese.
* And Neko means Cat...indeed! ^^ .... and Kuro black! 

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