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Kawaii Animal Slippers

Kawaii Animal Slippers
  • Kawaii Animal Slippers
  • Kawaii Animal Slippers
  • Kawaii Animal Slippers
  • Kawaii Animal Slippers
  • Kawaii Animal Slippers
  • Kawaii Animal Slippers
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Our adorable and popular Kawaii slippers series return with an entirely new design - with this new collection we welcome The Grey Cat, The Pink Rabbit and The Yellow Lion to the Kawaii slippers party! 

These slippers are just so incredibly cute and super comfortable too! They will become your new favourite walking buddy, looks cute and keeps your house clean! (^^)--

Product Description

This series comes in 3 different distinct kawaii designs, chose your favourite or get the entire pack! Difficult to pick when they are all so quite right! 

  • The Grey Cat, Black and grey striped upper with purple sole - elegant and cute! 
  • The Pink Rabbit, Pink and Purple striped upper with bright pink sole - kawaii glance and cute face! 
  • The Yellow Lion, Yellow and orange striped upper with orange sole - adorable ears and face! 

4 things that make Kawaii Animal Slippers the best:

Comfortable, these slippers are so thick that you feel like wearing moon boots. They are exceptionally soft and hold their shape remarkably well.

Cleaning without knowing, The microfibers underneath the soles are here for you, cleaning your floor as you walk =ටᆼට=. Every once in a while, you can hand wash and vacuum them a bit. Minimal effort - maximal cleaning! 

Yes, I can fly ! : you'll feel like you're sliding on clouds rather than walking !

One size fits all (really) : 23-24 cm (6,5-7,5") Unfortunately there is no kids size, but the unique size is perfect for almost everybody!  

My feet are 43-44 EU / 10-10,5 US size and they fit me great, our Bento&Co Staff Ai wears a 37 EU / 5,5 US size and nothing in the world would make her change her slippers - they fit her perfectly. They'll fit you too(^人^)

Product Details

  • Material: Polyester.
  • Made in China.
  • We recommend Hand-washing for these products.

* Kawaii means cute in Japanese.

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