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Kappa Ebisen Shrimp Crisps

SKU 105570
An airy, crunchy snack with a delicate shrimp taste!

Product Description

Originally introduced to Japan in 1964, Kappa Ebisen Shrimp Crisps are a simple, crispy snack with a light and savory shrimp flavor. Their irresistible consistency and taste make them popular among children and adults alike. This item includes four (4) individual 12 g packets- ensuring that they stay fresh until the last bite!

Product Details

Size: 48 g total (12g x 4 packets)
Ingredients: flour, vegetable oil, starch, shrimp, sugar, salt, leavening agent, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), sweetener (licorice), natural food coloring 
Allergen information: This item is produced in a facility that also processes egg, milk and crab
Made by Calbee in Japan