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Kakomi Do Nabe Kinto

SKU 25192
About Kinto:
Founded in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture in 1972, KINTO produces high quality lifestyle goods that strike a fine balance between minimalist aesthetics and practical usefulness.

Product description:

The Kakomi Donabe Pot 2.5L is a large all-purpose ceramic pot that can be used to make Japanese 'nabemono' (one pot dishes) like stews, oden, curries and more.
An included steam lid also allows you to use the dish as a steamer for vegetables and meat. The clay used to make the pot absorbs very little water, resulting in very little residual food odor.
The bottom of the bottom is designed to reduce contact with flat cooking surfaces (like IH cookers), which helps to prevent friction-related damage to the cooker.
This pot is compatible with gas, IH, halogen, and radiant stoves as well as ovens and microwave ovens.

Product details:
Dimensions : φ275 x H145 x W315 mm
Capacity:  2.5 L 
Microwave safe. Not dishwasher safe.
Wash with care. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Immediately wash and dry well after use, and keep dry when not in use. Remove the lid when using in an oven, as a rapid rise in temperature may cause breakage. Do not leave the pot soaked in water.
Made in Malaysia