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Holiday Edition Bento Bundle | Tsubaki

Holiday Edition Bento Bundle | Tsubaki

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Delight your loved one with a special Bento Box bundle. The star of the show is the the Bento&co Original Bento Box | Tsubaki, paired with bamboo chopsticks and sophisticated furoshiki to wrap it all up as well as exclusive Japanese spices!

One of Japan's iconic, yet lesser known flowers, the bold tsubaki (camellia) flowers bloom in December through April and herald the beginning of spring.

Bento&co Original Bento Box | Tsubaki
 2-tier bento made from BPA-free plastic, 950mL capacity. Upper tier has a sealing lid that helps prevent leaks.  Includes a black lunch-band. Microwave and dishwasher safe with the inner lid and outer lid removed.

Twisted Bamboo Chopsticks
Chopsticks carved from top quality Japanese bamboo. Made in Kyushu, Japan.

Kodai-Murasaki Purple Furoshiki 48cm
Elegant furoshiki wrapping cloth made from polyester crepe in "kodai murasaki", a specific subdued shade of purple popular in Japan since ancient times.

Black Shichimi Furikake

Japanese "seven spice" black sesame furikake is brought to you by the same makers of the popular Kyo Rayu Furikake! The crunchy texture and natural sweetness of the sesame seeds is complemented by Japanese sansho (similar to szechuan pepper), giving this furikake a light and elegant flavor. Perfect for noodles and rice.

Kyo no Aka Shichimi:

This amazing spice blend is a great addition to udon or soba noodles, pasta, meat and salads. To preserve freshness after opening, store inside refrigerator. 
Ingredients: Chili pepper, sesame seeds, sansho (Japanese pepper), green nori seaweed, hemp seeds, poppy seeds, chenpi (dried tangerine peel), shiso

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