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Hello Kitty Checkered Stainless Steel Thermos

SKU 412707
Welcome back your favorite mascot, Hello Kitty!

Product Description

Hello Kitty Checkered Stainless Steel Thermos showcases Hello Kitty wearing a super cute pinafore sitting on a checkered picnic blanket, surrounded with her favorite toys like teddy bear, pencils, toy trains, and more! She is waiting for playtime!
This special thermos can be used in two different ways! With the cup as a lid, the capacity becomes 570mL, great to keep your favorite liquid hot or cold! If you choose the normal mouthpiece lid, you get a greater capacity of 580mL! Best of all, both cup and lid are included with this thermos, so you can swap and choose anytime! The thermos also comes with a handle for easy transport!
With the cup as the lid, the thermos will keep your drink hot (above 72 degrees Celsius) or cold (under 7 degrees Celsius) for approximately 6 hours.

Product Details

Dimensions: with the cup (25 x 7.2cm), with the lid (24.8cm x 7.2cm)
Capacity: with the cup (570mL), with the lid (580mL)
Materials: stainless steel, Aluminum resin coating, polypropylene, ABS resin, thermoplastic elastomer
NOT Dishwasher and Microwave Safe! Gentle hand wash only
Made in China