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Gudetama Stackable 3 Tier Bento Box

SKU 422461
Welcome back one of Japan’s most famous and beloved mascots, Gudetama! Known around the world for his sarcastic and self-defeating remarks, lazy egg Gudetama is the voice of your true self! Gudetama enjoys being lazy, complaining about the cold, avoiding responsibilities, and half-heartedly trying to escape being eaten.

Product Description

The Gudetama Stackable 3 Tier Bento showcases the cute egg Gudetama getting ready to be eaten! He is ‘prepared’ in a variety of ways, including sitting lazily in a vegetable and egg stir fry, at the center of a scotch egg, slumped on a plate next to his bacon blanket, and more! Gudetama’s expression is sleepy and lazy despite his oncoming fate!
With a total capacity of 480mL, this stackable set is ideal for separating your meals! Why not have rice or pasta in the bottom tier, protein and side dishes in the middle, and some fruit and a pastry at the top? Each tier has a leak resistant lid to keep your bento safe and secure until lunch time! The world is your oyster (but don’t put oysters in your bento, they don’t keep well!).

Product Details

Dimensions: φ8 x 18cm
Capacity: bottom tier 200mL, middle tier 140mL, top tier 140mL, total capacity 480mL
Materials: AS resin, silicone
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe! Gentle hand wash only!
Made in Japan