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Gohan Reito Boxes

To make a bento stash for busy mornings, have you ever though of freezing your rice? In Japan, if some rice still remains in the rice-cooker, people just freeze it, using this kind of one-portion boxes. 

Here come these great set of 5 onigiri boxes, which provides great flexibility in the morning : 

Product Description 

Each box allows you to freeze up to 130ml of rice (or anything you like), which is the perfect portion for filling up one-tier of your bento. 
The shape of the box allows you to add some filling in your rice ball (like tuna, cherry tomato or 'umeboshi', as we used to do in Japan! ).

Length: 10 cm. Height : 11,5 cm. 
One box's dimensions : 10,5 cm 
for each side. Depth: 5 cm.
Please be wary that the top lid color might change. 

How to use 

1) Cook your rice, put it immediately in the box and close the lid up.
2) Freeze it.
3) To defrost the rice, place the box in the microwave, with the lid closed but let the cap opened. Micro-wave : 500W 2mn. 

Material : polypropylene.
Made in Japan