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Gel-Cool Two Tier Rectangle Box | Light Gray

SKU 0101-0124
Keep your lunch fresh and cool for hours with Gel Cool Dome boxes, just like an icebox.

Product Description

Have you ever forgotten to bring an ice pack with your bento? Warm salads are never pleasant. With the Gel-Cool Two Tier Rectangle Bento Box | Light Gray, you will never forget because the ice pack is built right into the top lid.

Simply pop the lid in your freezer the night before, and your chilled lid will be ready in the morning. Food packed in the box with the pre-cooled lid will be kept cold for several hours. The lid encloses the box tightly thanks to an internal lid making the box mostly leak proof. A elastic band keeps it all safety together throughout the day!

What makes these boxes extra cool is the way you can customize them! Want to make a more traditional bento? Feel free to remove the middle lid between the two boxes, and only keep the top lid! Only want one box for lunch today? No problems! Gel-Cool works with you to fit easily into your lifestyle. With a capacity of 500 ml per tier, this bento is perfect for a healthy lunch.

Product Details

Dimensions: 17.8 x 8.7 x 12cm

Capacity: 500ml x 2

Materials: Polypropylene, ABS resin, silicone rubber

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe (without lids or inner dividers!)

Made in Japan