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Furoshiki Yozakura

L Size
Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
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Furoshiki Yozakura is a refined product - made of silk crape - which you can use to carry your bento and surprise your relatives with astonishing sakura (japanese cherry blossom) patterns.

Product Description

Furoshiki Yozakura is part of our extended furoshiki collection which now includes large (>70 cm) wrapping clothes from Japan. These traditional square clothes are perfectly fitted to transport L-Size (and smaller) lunchboxes or a bottle. They're versatile (you can use them for pretty anything, from table mat to gift bag), reusable and eco-friendly items that should be considered by anyone looking for a clever solution to carry things - with style!

Yozakura is a compound word that consists of yo (夜 "night") and sakura (桜).This Furoshiki feminine, noble inspiration brings to mind a truly elegant and chic image of Japan. We've got more design in our furoshiki collection available right here, and even a useful DVD teaching you how to get the best of this bento box's best friend.

Product Details

Dimensions : 70 x 70 cm (27.6" x 27.6"). 
Weight: 82 g. 

Furoshiki Yozakura is made of silk crape. It is machine-washable (In order to stabilize the colors we however recommend Dry cleaning at first). Remember, this item is made of silk and as such it must be handle carefully. Made in Japan by Yamada Senni.

About Furoshiki:
These are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. They used to be used in many ways - as an impromptu bag, for wrapping things for storage, or as a reusable gift wrapping. Furoshiki have been making a comeback in Japan in recent years, as a beautiful and "green" way of gift giving and beautifying one's daily life. 

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