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Furikake SakuSaku

  • Furikake SakuSaku
  • Furikake SakuSaku
  • Furikake SakuSaku
  • Furikake SakuSaku
  • Furikake SakuSaku
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The Furikake is a Japanese condiment for sprinkling on rice. Perfect for your onigiri or rice in your bento box, giving that extra little flavour! We have 3 new flavors for you in this Furikake SakuSaku set!


Furikake is a spice mix made from sesame seeds, salt, and other ingredients that give the them their flavor and color. Bento&co offers here 3 different kinds of Furikake SakuSaku, directly from Japan :

  • Yaki Shake, grilled salmon.
  • Mentaiko, marinated roe of pollock.
  • Tori Soboro, minced chicken.

You can use your desired amount on your rice, but a tablespoon for 320 grams of rice is a good amount. Two or three teaspoons is enough for an onigiri.


  • Volume: 55 g per package
  • Made in Japan.

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