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Furikake Deco

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  • Furikake Deco
  • Furikake Deco
  • Furikake Deco
  • Furikake Deco
  • Furikake Deco
  • Furikake Deco
  • Furikake Deco
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You probably know what furikake is. But did you know that you can now make a rainbow Kyaraben thanks to the Furikake Deco. Choose your favorite among the salmon or egg flavour! o( ° w °)o!

Product Description

Furikake Deco consists in 6 little furikake packs that you can use on your precooked rice to put some colors in your lunch! 

Wide range of colours for all tastes :) Red, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue - use your favourite or mix :))))

Product Details

You can choose between 2 flavours:
Furikake Deco shake (salmon flavour) : orange, green, pink, yellow, red and purple.
Furikake Deco tamago (egg flavour) : orange, green, pink, yellow, red and blue.

We recommend to put 15 g (one table spoon) per 320 g rice (equals to 1 Japanese cup of rice). Of course, You can adjust quantities according to your own taste!
Easy to use : Slowly add the Furikake Deco while mixing it to your rice.

Packs of 18g (3g x 6).
Made in Japan by Hagoromo.

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