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Fudepen Black


If you are interested in drawings and/or Japanese culture, you've probably been dazzled and wondered what was the secret behind the astonishing characters, strokes and paintings that Japanese Culture is famous for, well, we'd like to introduce you to Fudepen, the perfect brush pen!, now all you need to do is practice... and Enjoy! 

2 Refils cartridges inlcuded.

Product Description

Fudepen is a modern brush pen that has taken up the best of traditional Japanese brushes and added their qualities to modern materials for easy handling and really convenient use! Calligraphy, drawings, watercolor paintings, manga or just for the joy to draw your own characters - the sky is the limit!

The Fudepen brush is made of man-made synthetic bristles. They won't  fray and will keep an accurate point even after many uses. This pen can be refilled with FP210 cartridges (two included). 

Product Details

  • Type: GFKP3
  • Size: 14cm
  • Weight: 11 g
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Materials: Plastic (body) and synthetic bristles

In order to let the ink correctly flow, when filling or refilling with cartridges please hold the pen right way with tip down for a few minutes .

Made in Japan, by Pentel.