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Fridgeezoo HOGEN | Hokkaido

Fridgeezoo HOGEN | Hokkaido

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Perfect present, especially as a tiny companion for anyone needing a laugh.

How it works:

Place your Fridgeezoo inside your refrigerator, and whenever you open the door, it will greet you in Japanese, with the "hogen" (dialect) of their region—Nagoya, Hokkaido, or Hiroshima. If you leave the door open too long, they will charmingly reprimand you for wasting energy!
Their scripts features a ton of variation so you will be delighted with all the different cute greetings.
If you'd like to turn off the talking, just press the button on the Fridgezoo's head. It will sneeze or burp and then will stay quiet.


    • Materials: ABS.
    • Includes 3 LR44 batteries
    • Size: H78 x W51 x D63 mm
    • Note: Fridgezoo may not respond if they are placed in dark parts of your fridge. They respond best to well lit areas.
    • Keep batteries out of reach of children.
    • Designed in Tokyo, made in China.

    Here is what your Fridgeezoo is saying in a charming Hokkaido dialect.

    • Namara Sabishikattayoー “I was so lonelyー”

Kyoumo Shibareruneー “It’s freezing cold again today!”

    • Kucchari Beritakattaー "I wanted to chat with you!"

Sekkakushakkokattanoniー "It used to be so nice and cold in here!" 

    • Akesugideshougaー "
You’re keeping the door open!
    • Yukimatsuri Ikitaibeyaー 
"I want to go to the Snow Festival!"
    • Atsukute Tokechausho-
 "It’s so hot I’m going to melt!
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