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Fridgeezoo 24 | Penguin

Fridgeezoo 24 | Penguin

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Perfect present, especially as a tiny companion for anyone needing a laugh. The Fridgeezoo 24  | Penguin is a chatty fellow that speaks with a Kansai accent. He is also notorious for his lame jokes!

How it works:

The Fridgeezoo 24 series is made to match the rhythm of your daily life!
To set up the Fridgeezoo 24 gadgets, push the button for 2 seconds in the morning (7 or 8am is recommended). Place in refrigerator and when you open the door, it will greet you with the appropriate greeting in Japanese ("good morning", "good night" etc!)

If you leave the door open too long, they will charmingly reprimand you for wasting energy! Their scripts features a ton of variation so you will be delighted with all the different cute greetings.


    • Materials: ABS.
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries.
    • Size: H7.8xW5xD4.6cm
    • Note: Fridgezoo may not respond if they are placed in dark parts of your fridge. They respond best to well lit areas.
    • Keep batteries out of reach of children.
    • Designed in Tokyo, made in China.

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    A sample of what your Fridgeezoo is saying in a charming Kansai dialect.

    Hello, konnichiwa!ー “Hello!”

    「Hello, こんにちは!」


Nani Tsukunno? Osakana Tabetaina ー “What are you going to make? I wanna eat fish!”

    「何作んの〜 お魚食べたいな〜」

    Attakaimonogatabetainaー "I wanna eat something hot” 


Hayakushimetekureyo 〜 “Hurry up and close the door~” 


    Okaeri! ー “Welcome home!”


    Sorosoro Mizuburo demo hairukana?ー “Maybe I’ll go take an icebath?”


    Chotto Akesugijyanai? -
 “Aren’t you opening the door too much? 


    Yo! Doshita? Genki?  - “Hey! what’s up? How’re you?”


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