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Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)

  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
  • Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta)
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Fridgeezoo 24 (Buta) Pig, our neat Japanese eco-gadget for your fridge, now comes in a brand new version with additional features. Plus they have a fresh, cutter design: clearly the perfect time to get yours and help save the planet! 


Fridgeezoo are small animals shaped like milk bottles and milk cartons that stay in your fridge and say super cute things when you open the door. Unlike the previous versionsThe Fridgeezoo 24 Pig version will adapt their greetings depending on the time of the day! They will say for example "Ohayo" ("Good morning") or "Sororo neru no?" (going to sleep soon?). 

    Place Fridgeezoo 24 Gorilla in the fridge and they will greet you in Japanese as soon as you open the door, and they also shout at you when you leave the refrigerator door open for too long!

    To set up morning time (ie 7AM): Push and hold for 2 seconds the button under your fridgeezo 24. It will now remember that it is morning!


    • Dimensions: 9 x 4 cm.
    • Materials: ABS plastic.
    • Before first use, pull the small tab located under the Fridgezoo and turn the switch to ON. Requires 3 LR44 batteries.If placed in the freezer, the Fridgeezoo have a shorter life.
    • Made in China.

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