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Free and Easy Cafe

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Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
  • Free and Easy Cafe
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Part of our stylish, chic, modern collection Free and Easy, this Cafe inspired Bento box will elevate any meal with its elegant and clean design. To complete the look, get the other items in the Free and Easy collection! (⁼̴̀ૢ꒳ ⁼̴́ૢ๑) !

Unique round design with two layers make this the perfect representation of the motto: Free & Easy!


These clean boxes have a very contemporary design and will compliment any meal. Under the lid you'll find a two layered box together holding 645 ml, with its cool design this round Bento will impress your friends and co-workers. A safe enclosure between the layers keeps it all together. 

You can find assorted chopsticks to go with the box here.

Five colors are available : Red, Blue, White, Black or Grey. 


  • Caution: Be careful of overloading the compartments with liquids 
  • Size : 11 x 11 cm
  • Capacity : 645 ml (upper-compartment : 400 ml, lower-compartment : 245 ml)
  • Material : PET and ABS plastics (BPA-Free)
  • Weight : 260 g
  • Micro-wave and Dish-washer safe (don't forget to open the cover!).
  • Made in Ishikawa, Japan.

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