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Enamel Tsubomi Teapot | Burnished Copper

SKU 52122CP/BK
We are very pleased to welcome handmade artisan teapots and kettles from the new maker ‘Shoendo’. Enjoy the best of Japanese traditional craft right here with Bento&co.

Product Description

LIMITED EDITION: this product is a unique and handmade artisan product; only a few are made at one time. Order now to avoid disappointment!

Teapots have been traditionally produced in Japan for hundreds of years. Originally, they were crafted to be used in formal Japanese Tea Ceremonies, yet now they can also be used in the home and in everyday life.
The Enamel Tsubomi Teapot | Burnished Copper has a gently rounded shape, with the lid rising tall, completing the flower bud look. Gentle grooves run down the sides of the teapot in lazy circles, mimicking the light grooves of a tsubomi, flower bud. The copper color is lightly burnished, with the dark flashes of black giving a gently aged and traditional look.  With a large handle, you can easily lift and handle this kettle. A stainless steel tea strainer is included. This teapot is made out of enamel, making it sturdy, hard to break, and keep the contents warm for a long time. With no chemicals used in the teapot, rest assured that this product is good for both your health, and the environment. These special teapots are handmade by artisans who have perfected their craft, and excel at creating exceptional quality products.

Product Details

Materials: Enamel, stainless steel
Dimensions: 13×11×17.5㎝
Capacity: 0.4L
Made in Japan 
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe. Gentle hand wash in lukewarm water, dry with a soft cloth. Allow the teapot to cool naturally before washing. DO NOT use in the oven. Recommended for gas stovetop use only. Not compatible with induction kitchens.
Use only on low to medium heat. Do not use on full heat.