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Edible Gold Leaf Flakes Bamboo Dispenser

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Eat & drink like a samurai. Made with *REAL* gold!

ThisĀ edible gold leaf powder isĀ made of pure Japanese gold. They are just the perfect thing to add a bit of luxury toĀ your culinary experiences. It's completely safe to eat and does not change the taste of your foods so you can literally put it on anything that pleases you!

The gold powder is inĀ a traditional bamboo dispenser. Just open the small bamboo "cork" at the bottom to pour out the gold on your favorite food or drink. The bigĀ cork cork on the top can also be removed to refill it with more gold or other spices.Ā 

Try it in your sake, over your rice, on your sushi, steak, salad, etc.

Edible gold leaves have also been traditionally used in Japanese tea during the samurai ages!

(Image Source: Hibiki-an)


Product Details & Care

  • Materials: 95.4 percent gold, 4.5 percent silver, bamboo
  • Keep in a dry area at room temperature.
  • Made in JapanĀ