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Dragon Ball Kame Bundle

10% cheaper than buying each item individually + qualifies for FREE express shipping!
Designed and produced exclusively for Bento&co, celebrate Dragon Ball’s 30th Anniversary with this special limited edition bundle, containing the perfect lunch set- a bento, chopsticks set, stainless steel bottle, and a cooler bag to put everything into!
Kame Bento Box: The Kame Bento Box is a bright orange single-tier bento featuring the famous Dragon Ball symbol, Japanese kanji for kame or turtle! Goku started to wear this emblem once he completed his first 8 months of training under the Master Turtle Hermit, Kame Sen'nin.
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Capsule Corp. Stainless Bottle: The Capsule Corp Stainless Steel Bottle is a sleek, durable solution for staying hydrated on the go. Constructed completely from stainless steel (apart from inner seal), this bottle is environmentally-friendly and won't add undesirable tastes to your liquids. The small top handle is easy to hold and is also useful for attaching the bottle to a backpack or travel bag. The black Capsule Corp logo is featured on the side of the bottle.
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Dragon Ball Chopsticks: The Dragon Ball Chopsticks set features seven golden Dragon Balls, with each ball containing an increasing amount of stars. With a navy blue cover and contrasting white compartment, this striking chopsticks set is an excellent addition to any Dragon Ball bento!
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Red Ribbon Army Cooler Bag: The Red Ribbon Army Cooler Bag has a single insulated compartment for carrying a bento, snacks, drinks or anything that you want to protect from the elements. This large capacity bag also features a durable woven nylon outer construction and thick cotton handles for comfortable carrying to your next Super Saiyan lunch adventure!
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