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Don to Genki Bento

Cooking Book Bento
  • Don to Genki Bento
  • Don to Genki Bento
  • Don to Genki Bento
  • Don to Genki Bento
  • Don to Genki Bento
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Don to Genki Bento, ドーンと元気弁当, is the standard bento publication in Japan.  For this book the topic is : bento for men, 男子弁当 in japanese.

Product Description 

It looks easy to prepare a men's bento but this book actually contains lots of tips and details to make the bento more creative, healthy and of course tasty!

Don to Genki Bento is a cookbook in Japanese. We've selected it for you because of the great pictures and step-by-step explanations. Of course, you'll need to know how to read Japanese if you want to fully understand what is written - but non-japanese speakers will be inspired just by looking at pictures! 

About the writer : Kentaro, born in 1973 is the son of a famous TV cooking program presenter. Following his mother's step, he published about 15 cookbooks in Japan. 


  • Dimensions : 20cm high, 21cm width (7.8" x 8.2")
  • Length: 95 pages.
  • Published in February 1998.
  • Printed in Japan. 


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