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Domo-Kun Chopsticks

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  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
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A pair of chopsticks adorned with Domo-kun, our most beloved Japanese bear (but is it really a bear? who knows). Bring it with you for lunch but beware that Domo-kun don't eat it all your meal. (^^)


Domo-kun is a true worldwide star; both as the official mascot for NHK (Japan most famous tv channel) or as a funny internet meme. You've probably already heard about him (although we've never heard him say any words other than his name)! Our new official Domo-kun items range will appeal to all the fans of this eccentric anime character from Japan.

These standards chopsticks come with their case (it has domo-kun saying "do-mo" on it, how cool!), which has a flawless design with its easy-to-open button and chopsticks holder inside. You will get used to them in no time and will soon love to spare your lunch time with this funny buddy.


Length:18 cm (case: 21 cm)
Weight: 50 g
Materials: ABS/AS Plastics, Polyethylen 

Cautions Do not put the case in the Dish-washer.

Made in Japan.

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