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Domo-Kun Chopsticks

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  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
  • Domo-Kun Chopsticks
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A pair of chopsticks adorned with Domo-kun, our most beloved Japanese bear (but is it really a bear? who knows). Bring it with you for lunch but beware that Domo-kun don't eat it all your meal. (^^)


Domo-kun is a true worldwide star; both as the official mascot for NHK (Japan most famous tv channel) or as a funny internet meme. You've probably already heard about him (although we've never heard him say any words other than his name)!
These standards chopsticks come with their case (it has domo-kun saying "do-mo" on it, how cool!), which has a flawless design with its easy-to-open button and chopsticks holder inside. You will get used to them in no time and will soon love to spare your lunch time with this funny buddy.


Length:18 cm (case: 21 cm)
Weight: 50 g
Materials: ABS/AS Plastics, Polyethylen 

Cautions Do not put the case in the Dish-washer.

Made in Japan.

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